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I asked one of my friends if she ever read Tik-tok’s (a free app) terms and conditions before downloading the app. Or for that matter for anything at all.

Until one day , a light shines within and you and you realise that someone is taking your data for free, and getting money in return. And that money is not reaching you. What is in-fact reaching you is paranoia, disturbance, spams, fake news, targeted ads, most of which don’t do you any good.

  1. At a shop, always ask them why they need your data and if they share it with third parties. If it sounds fishy, take a call whether you really want to give your data or not.
  2. Whenever you download a new app or service, grade its quality (does it look shady, is it coming from a trusted source, what is it used for?)and decide whether you want to share your actual data or not.
  3. Try and start scanning through the terms and conditions and privacy policy, this will make you conscious. That’s all we are aiming at.
  4. If you are a parent— Train your children, make them understand that they are responsible for their data. Here is a very good source for you to learn more.
  5. Do not ignore pop-ups. Unlearn the habit of overlooking and clicking on buttons or filling without paying attention. Start taking effort to monitor subconscious actions
  6. Do not shy away from asking questions about your data privacy especially with concerned people
  7. Start discussing data
  1. Think about the top 5 questions that you need to answer to a user or a buyer that would concern them
  2. Find interesting ways to present your TnC, for example :- can a user call up at your call centre easily and ask questions before downloading an app? For specially- abled users and people who don’t like reading long text, can they listen to the TnC instead or read the key-points somehow?
  3. Can you find out with all responsibility whether people actually understand the TnC, take feedback ?
  1. Can you help me buy/download an app based on my privacy preferences.
  2. Can you grade the app on parameters like — data safe, hack-safe?



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