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Nehal Tiwari
2 min readDec 6, 2019


As we choose to become more and more individualistic, we move away from the weight of expectations. No one should tell us what they expect of us and we shouldn’t care about anyone. Families , Friends, no one. Only I decide what to do with my life.

Until of course, WE need care and concern and connect.

By the time we realise that we are lonely, our individualistic streak prevents us to reach out and seek people, to bare our expectations on them, because it becomes a principle we live on, we become rigid — yet free.

I feel what results is a mass of people incapable of handling emotional relationships, are intolerant to human needs, and have reduced empathy.

People not wanting to live with their families. People moving away from friends, not willing to get into serious relationships but looking for serious love…different things for different people.

And everyone involved is affected. Both sides feel the happiness or the strain of these decisions.

One might argue thinking that this is generalisation, but if every individual is unique, why is loneliness a mass phenomenon? What about the cause and effect is generic in nature, why is individuality a mass need today?

I am writing about this because as years pass, I have to choose what to be responsible for and what to let go, to be or not to be, to prioritise or not to prioritise.

But when I look back, I realise that the more weight I carry on my shoulders, the stronger they become. But the individual is still in doubt.

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